Festive Fashion 2021: Spanish Día Mágico fashion show

It is the smaller events in the world of children’s fashion that are opening their doors again for trade visitors. The major events on the other hand, as Childhood Business reported, will pause in summer 2020. After the German order days for festive children’s fashion in June 2020, the Día Mágico of the FIMI will also be open on the weekend of 10-12 July 2020. 40 exhibitors will present their new 2021 collections in the field of communion and festive children’s wear.

Since a classic fashion show was out of the question due to the distancing rules to contain the corona pandemic, the organizers of Día Mágico came up with something special. For the first time, they presented their fashion show virtually, i.e. without visitors, only online, but with an equally impressive presentation of selected brands from the fair’s exhibitor field.

The show was implemented for the first time on 10 June 2020 and will also be shown twice over the weekend. For all those interested in the sector who have not yet registered or have missed the shows, we offer the opportunity to attend the fashion show entitled “Coleccionando Momentos”.

Fashion show “Collecting Moments” from Día Mágico by FIMI, July, 10th 2020.

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