Fairs in times of Corona – a Spanish example

The Día Mágico by FIMI is the central Spanish fair for celebrational children’s fashion. The eighth issue showed in July 2020 what will be offered next year for baptismal children, flower girls and for communion. A special challenge this year: Corona. The following short video shows how trade fairs can be aligned safely even in these special times.

Due to controls, hygiene measures and sufficient space as well as a very relaxed discipline when wearing masks, even in Spain fairs take place again. Even though the number of exhibitors was cut in half this year, the fair was very popular. Due to the mainly national character, international travel restrictions do not play a major role in this and comparable events.


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Our short video shows impressions of everyday life at the fair on 10 July 2020. A selection of festive outfits was broadcast during a fashion show “Coleccionando Momentos” without an audience, which you can find here.

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