Cake Maternity is an innovator & a leading maternity & nursing bra brand. Cake specializes in designing supportive & comfortable pregnancy and nursing wear to compliment her lifestyle. Sustainability, excellence in customer service & designing the perfectly fitting, functional garment is in Cake’s DNA.  Pregnancy, breastfeeding & motherhood in general can be a wild ride. It’s not always an easy journey, so at Cake – we put woman first! With an extensive assortment of maternity and nursing bras – from t-shirt flexi-wire, contour, lace, soft-cup, sports, comfort, sleep nursing bras to maternity swimwear and the organic nursing pads – Cake has your every need covered. Highly engineered and produced in a wide range of colors for every stage of her motherhood journey.  The Cake bra range is available in 30-42 UK / 65-95 EU bands, A-L EU / A-HH UK cup sizes as well as in a wide selection of premium quality XS-2XL styles.

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