A Long Blue Egg is a company that both designs and develops, as well as producing new innovative products in Denmark. Our products are patentable and unique. We love being in processes where many solutions need to be tested, and after careful consideration we move in the same direction. We are very aware of the trend of the time and everyone’s desire to spend the fewest resources on production and thus have so little environmental impact on our products. All stones are turned with us when packaging and consignments must be done in the best possible way. Recyclability and durability are extremely important parameters of our DNA.


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    Als Chefredakteur hat Martin Paff die Branchenmagazine "Childhood Business" und "Childhood Shoes" gegründet. Die Zeitschriften bieten eine Plattform, um die Akteure und Experten im Bereich der Kindermode, Kinderschuhe sowie Erstausstattung miteinander zu vernetzen, relevante Themen aufzubereiten und diese attraktiv zu vermitteln. Als Vater eines Sohnes kennt er viele Aspekte aus eigener Anschauung.