Collection Submission Form

We cordially invite you to present your new children’s fashion collection to us so that we can view it for editorial coverage. In order to make it easier for us to process and, if necessary, prepare for reporting, we ask you to submit collections exclusively via our “Collection Submission Form” (CSF).

You can use this form at any time once you have information and images ready for a new collection. Should this be delayed, simply send us the information later. If you wish to file multiple brands, please complete the CSF separately for each label.

The more you tell us, the more we learn about your company, your brand philosophy and your motivation. This allows us to make our reporting more interesting, because even if pictures say more than “a thousand words” – in the end, decision makers want to understand what a label stands for and what distinguishes it from others.

For international brands:
Please use our English version of the “Collection Submission Form”. Click the language flag on the right bar.

Deadline: for the printed edition – by the middle of the month! Later submissions may only be considered in a later edition.

Note: All editorial invitations from Childhood Business to submit materials are always free of charge. There are no hidden costs with your submission!