About the German market

For many foreign brands the German market is very promising – more than 80 million inhabitants meet a stable and growing economy, a high average income per household, a taste for design and especially quality, an affection for sustainable and organic brands and much more…  But Germany is also a difficult market. To know how the business is done, how the baby and kids fashion and also the toys and juvenile sectors work, what it needs to get the attention as a new-to-market-brand, and more: how important it is to develop trust into new brands is crucial to succeed. The taste of the Germans is special, the bias between the demand of quality and the prices willing to pay is challanging, too.

As a trade magazine dedicated to retailers, wholesalers, department stores, boutiques and concept stores Childhood Business has collected the most important information on the German market in a series of “Market Information Primers”. for a very reasonable price you can purchase your access to the market. Valuable information, insights, some market data and also contacts are put together in each product.

Ask four our market expertise

If interested, we can support editorially, help with translations and press materials, mediate contacts with sales reps or distributors and tailor special actions to reach the right shops and buyers among the more than 3,500 possible retailers. Please have a look at our current options to get “Into the mag” or contact us directly for a personal discussion.



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