Matchmaking with Sales Reps: Brand Booklet for selected brands

Childhood Business will publish a special Brand Booklet with a fine selection of international brands looking for a suitable sales rep for the German-speaking markets. This booklets will get send to more than 500 sales reps in the kids fashion and kids shoes sector in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The main goal is to present and promote your brand to this B2B audience that constantly is looking out for a complementation of its brand range. As markets are changing big brands, small stars and promising new launches are what wholesalers and sales reps are looking for to serve their customers and clients with a fresh assortment of products. Also offers for interior, play, beauty and care are getting more and more attention in concept stores and owner-driven shops.

Each brand will get a presentation with images of sample styles from the brand, a brand description and contact data. In addition to that we will collect a wisely selected set of important data to the more than 500 sales reps we can address. Our goal is to increase the interest of the sales rep in your brand by providing use- and meaningful information. This helps the sales rep to make decision which brands might fit into its portfolio.

If needed we will translate text material from English into German in order to give you a perfect impression. All texts will get read by a professional lector also.

This booklet will be a very useful opportunity to present your brand better and with more details to the items a sales rep is considering. This enables a much better match-making – and possibly also a behind-the-scenes-support to help to connect you with a few sales reps that we find they would fit.

This brand booklet is intended to help you and your brand into the market. Though some editorial coverage as we offer it from time to time anyway is always beautiful, we are sure that this dedicated brand booklet will help much more on your way.

We will collect, design and edit this brand booklet in the first half of 2018. It will be ready to the main fairs in the summer and the trade shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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