For the upcoming order season for A/W-21/22, Petrol Industriesis expanding its boys’ collection with a new sub-label: “Custom Charged”. This line harmonises with “Urban Playground”, the petrol theme of the season. So this is about the kids’ urban biome, where they make the rules and where their adventures await them.

The new “Custom Charged” collection: A collection that is all about comfortable clothing with an urban design. Perfect for cool kids exploring the city. From the ultimate sweatpants to the must-have jumper that adds a pop of colour. “It’s not about whether you win or lose, it’s about how you play the game.”

Petrol Classic & Custom: Petrol’s main collection for boys is divided into two labels: “Classic” and “Custom”. While the brand-specific characteristics shine through in all the items in the collection, these two labels represent a different look and feel and meet different stylistic desires and needs.

  • Classic: Proud and commercial, designed for tough little boys. Petrol through and through and the style the brand is known for and proud of.
  • Custom: A more minimalist and trendy look and feel. This collection is filled with subtle prints and muted colours for the coolest little kids in town.

And because the denim industry always feels a little cooler than others, Petrol shot a brand video to atmospherically tease the new collection.

Weitere Infos zu im Beitrag erwähnten Marken:

Logo der Marke Petrol Industries Kids
Petrol Industries entwickelt und vertreibt unter der bekannten Marke Petrol von Jeans inspirierte Herren- und Kinderkleidung. Auf dem großen internationalen…

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